FAQ - Clients

What is ReachX?

ReachX is a platform offering on-demand investment banking services, from research to advisory, through its curated network of independent advisors.

What is ReachX's mission?

Our mission is simple: provide the highest quality of independent advice to our institutional investors and issuer clients, federate the ecosystem of independent investment research and corporate finance advisors.

We believe in developing professional expertise with our core values, shared with our advisor community: curiosity and integrity.

What services does ReachX offer to investors?

ReachX helps its clients originate and source investment opportunities, validate investment thesis, and create bespoke research and content. For more details please visit our Clients page

ReachX's advisors can also share their vast knowledge and experience to train both individuals and groups in specialised topics such as forensic accounting, distressed credit analysis, CLO analysis, accounting, corporate governance, ESG, Green Bonds investing and medical real estate.

What services does ReachX offer to corporate clients?

We help our clients with scalable resources at different functions in the financial director's office, from assisting with investor relations, supporting the CFO with budgeting, KPI and fundraising support to providing the management team with senior M&A and Capital markets expertise.

What is different about ReachX?

ReachX works as a platform, giving a high level of flexibility and cost-effective approach to our clients.

The ReachX management team has a long and deep experience in capital markets and is actively involved in the sourcing and structuring of our engagements but also in managing the process and ensuring the quality of the delivery during the life of our projects.

Who are ReachX Advisors?

We also partner with selected research firms in specific industries. Our boutique partners' main strengths currently lie in the technology, renewable and sustainable energy, utilities, oil & gas and real estate sectors.

Our independent advisors typically have over 20 years of buy-side or sell-side experience across asset classes, sectors and regions or have held senior finance functions inside companies (CFO, Investor Relations) .

How much does it cost?

ReachX services are based on your membership level which you can select here

Does ReachX operate within financial regulations?

ReachX is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Our Financial Services Register number is 811226.

FAQ - Advisors

Who can join as a ReachX Advisor?

The ReachX advisor community is composed of senior independent finance professionals with a significant experience at the most prominent sell-side and buy-side investment firms (equity and credit, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, portfolio management) or in a finance function at corporate firms (CFO, Investor Relations)

What are the benefits of becoming an Advisor?

ReachX originates and structures a range of opportunities for advisors, ranging from a consultation to longer term projects with institutional investors and corporate clients.

Is there a cost to join as an advisor?

ReachX is free to join for advisors. You will be compensated for each assignment (consultation or long-term project) at a rate pre-agreed during the scoping of the project.

Is ReachX an expert network?

Unlike expert networks, ReachX is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and offers a range of investment banking services through its curated network of independent finance professionals. Our advisors can help you via short-term consultations but also work on long term projects.

What if my availability changes after I join?

For each assignment that matches your expertise, we will first check your availability before putting your profile forward.

How do you ensure confidentiality?

We have a compliance and operational framework. Our contracts contain very strict two-way confidentiality clauses. For each assignment, our advisors are provided with a ReachX email address and network drive where all the work is stored, ensuring no client communication is sent or received on personal email accounts.

For regulated activities, ReachX will assess your competency and if required you will be regulated under the ReachX framework, entailing further regulatory requirements (personal account monitoring, annual compliance training, etc…)